Raising the platform

Kane LPI announces new advancements to its IMS administration platform

Kane LPI has recently announced a number of updates to its existing IMS web-based client administration platform. The enhancements include the implementation of an advanced ‘super user’ distribution management system (DMS), as well as the establishment of a new ‘widget’ library supporting the ability to create a personalized dashboard of key performance indicators for each platform user.

“The advances to our IMS platform are very much client-driven” explains Nar Almeida, Head of Sales and Marketing at Kane LPI. “As carriers look to drive greater sales growth, they are deploying larger sales forces spanning not only wholesalers, but supporting roles such as key account managers and internal wholesalers, as well as third-party wholesalers.” Given the range of resources, he adds, carriers are seeking to dissect distributor hierarchies and assign out individual regions, distributor offices and even advisors to these sales resources, helping ensure a higher touch distributor experience. “The DMS is designed to meet the specific demands of this increasingly complex network.”

Nar Almeida

Nar Almeida

New functionality and modules within IMS’s distribution component now enable a ‘super user’ to manage all aspects of the distribution hierarchy. This can range from the set-up of new firms, to the firm’s advisors, through to their roles and permissions within the platform. While the typical functionality expected around distribution management already existed within IMS, the enhancements enable the overlaying of internal and external wholesalers to this data, as well as key account managers and other distribution support roles. This allows the carrier to map distributors, set sales targets and track sales against these goals through the entire sales network.

A key component required to support the DMS functionality is the ability to report on all data aspects within a distribution hierarchy. This data therefore became a critical part of another design initiative that Kane LPI had been working on – IMS widgets. “The introduction of the IMS widgets was a direct response to carrier requirements,” says Nar. “It provides an individualized experience for reviewing KPIs and other important sales data. By what we internally term ‘widgetizing’ the data elements into individual graphical dashboard pieces and then further allowing each user to decide what widgets he or she wishes to see on their own individual IMS home page login, we are taking the hard work out of managing organizational data and allowing management to focus on the real drivers of the business – sales.”

The IMS widget library includes standard management and distribution items such as sales by product, assets under management, top ten mutual funds, top ten advisors and many more, while also including operational information such as not in good order (NIGO) transactions and workflow status by queue within the IMS workflow system.

“From day one when we started developing the IMS platform,” adds Nar, “our goal was always to create an adaptable, flexible system that was constantly evolving to meet the changing and expanding needs of our clients. These new additions to the platform serve to demonstrate our continued commitment to this goal.”