Kane LPI Solutions offer an extensive range of customized fund administration services, supported by a proprietary state-of-the-art fund accounting and investor reporting platform, IMS NAV.  We utilize a multi-jurisdictional approach to provide our clients with a bespoke response to their need for a competitive and efficient approach to independent fund accounting.

Our services span five priority areas:

Portfolio accounting and NAV services

Kane LPI Solutions offers a fully integrated fund accounting platform, which incorporates the following components:


Regulatory and structuring services

Kane LPI Solutions can provide specialist advice and guidance on regulatory compliance, and work with onshore and offshore legal counsel to assist with the establishment of the fund.


Registrar and shareholder services

Kane LPI Solutions tenders a comprehensive range of shareholder activities to ensure appropriate Anti-Money Laundering and know your client identification checks are in place to process capital activity on a timely basis.


Tax Information Services


Financial Statement Preparation

Our experienced team of accountants will prepare unaudited financial statements.