New Business Support

The IMS New Business module is a feature rich component capable of providing bespoke product and multi-jurisdictional support across Life, Pensions and Investment products. This is achieved via a fully integrated workflow and document management system, coupled with a robust compliance module, all delivered via a flexible service model which allows our clients to design an operational model which suits their needs today and into the future.


Our IMS workflow module was designed from the ground up to cater for a multitude of users and various operational models. With the ability to seamlessly move work items from initial receipt on through the various stages of the process through to completion, whether it be new business, liquidations, advisor changes etc, it assures our clients that we can efficiently and effectively process both new accounts and on-going transactions in a timely and accurate fashion. The flexibility of the workflow allows for certain stages to be completed by the client or other third parties such as an underwriter. The built in features such as Not in Good Order (NIGO) checklists, auto-validations and electronic delivery of outstanding requirements presents for a modern service experience, whilst also aiding in cutting down new business cycle times and error rates.

Document Management

While in its own right a robust stand-alone component of the IMS platform capable of providing clients with a secure repository for their policy holder and advisor records, our document management system also offers a myriad of options in terms of managing and displaying those stored documents to the various stakeholders with access to IMS. Since access permissions are all controlled via a custom client hierarchy which underpins the secure document display, we can ensure a proper level of controls around our clients’ records, while also facilitating an ease of doing business to all internet capable stakeholders.

Compliance Rules

The IMS Compliance module is a feature rich component which is heavily integrated into the overall new business process. By sharing a single source of data throughout the policy life-cycle we are able to ensure all product compliance rules are being adhered to during new business processing. Features like the automated World Check screening via Web services speed up the process, while ensuring no detail is overlooked. Kane LPI strives to stay current on international compliance standards by working in cooperation with our clients on relevant regulatory changes affecting them and the markets we serve. Up to date rules to support FATCA and Common Reporting Standards (CRS) are a standard feature of the system, with flexibility to support a customizable risk based approach set of compliance rules to suit client specific standards.

IMS System

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