Plan/Policy Holder Services

The IMS Plan/Policy Holder module is designed to deliver a convenient web based alternative to old fashioned paper servicing. From the easy to read Plan/Account view, which provides Plan/Policy level data to providing the ability to perform online transaction, self-service is the goal. Coupled with the electronic notifications which are designed to further the online model and allow a carrier to choose select notifications to send a client, all tailored at the plan/account level and IMS really allows our clients to streamline and automate their back-office operations.

Plan/Account View

IMS Plan/Account view is a summary level display of client holdings designed in an easy to read fashion, allowing the end-client, advisor and even service center to all see a consistent set of data at the same time, thereby streamlining the service model. Clients can further customize this view by having us display rider and benefit information right on their plan/account view screen. Further plan/account level views can include charting of values as well as more detailed reporting on underlying assets within the plan/account.

Self Service

At the center of our admin module is a suite of self-service tools which can be accessed from within the individuals plan/account, allowing Clients to perform on-line transactions. Depending on the underlying product and features as well as jurisdiction, this can extend to cover everything from profile maintenance to switches and withdrawals. By using the self-service portal the client gets an immediate and modern service experience, while allowing the carrier to benefit from a shortened transaction cycle time.

Plan/Account Notifications

A pro-active service feature of the system is the ability to deliver documents and notifications on (i) a re-occurring basis, such as delivery of plan/account statements on a determined schedule such as an anniversary; (ii) at pre-defined events, such as delivery of a welcome letter upon account activation; and (iii) after client initiated account actions, such as a notification of switch transaction. The notification preferences can be controlled at account level and account holders can either choose to receive emails or simply download the documents from the system’s user interface. The real benefit of the notifications is the real time frequency which is achieved by tying the notification to a specific event of interest to the client. Product providers can also customize the branding, layout and actual content of these messages and documents.

IMS System

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