Producer Management

The Producer Management module in IMS is built on the concept of Hierarchy which allows clients to create a customized Distributor structure. Moreover the flexibility of this module enables clients to manage a multi-pronged distribution strategy on an on-going basis via the same interface. Clients can have various permissions, rules, funds, commission structures and products attached to each level in the distribution hierarchy. The system also allows for information & document storage related to distributors; such as selling agreements, compliance & background checks, bank account details and more, thereby allowing all aspects of producer management to be controlled within IMS.

Territory Management

A key component of Distribution Management in IMS is the add-on Territory Management Module. This module enables the client to divide and categorize its existing Distributors via Geographical Regions & Territories. Each territory has a set of wholesalers attached to it and corresponding sales goals for each wholesaler by product. This concept of regions/territories can be extended to reporting and help product providers and their distribution teams track Sales vs Goals by territory.

Commission System

This module calculates and disburses commissions to all distributors in an efficient manner. The module facilitates the capture of the providers’ product commission rules, ensuring that distributors are only tied to products which can be sold by that distributor, while also allowing the carrier to choose the applicable commission structure and various commission options for each specific product version. Further complexities in commission schedules can be handled, everything from various payment cycles to split commissions & commissions paid at multiple levels of the hierarchy. The module comes with a built-in reporting mechanism which enables commissions to be reported and tracked for each plan/account. Other commission reports such as commission statements by advisor or distributor can also be generated on a pre-defined schedule.

Book of Business

This component is designed around the ability for a user to view their entire book of business, depending on which permission and hierarchy level they log into IMS at. As an advisor you can see the number of plans and total value of all plans sold by you as well as drill down into a specific client account to service a plan or perform an account review with the customer. As a user at the firm/distributor level you can view all the accounts sold by the firm/distributor. Access to these various levels of information are all controlled via the hierarchy ensuring only authorized users are able to see this information. The functionality roles up throughout the hierarchy levels and ultimately leads to a consolidated view for senior management at the respective carrier.

IMS System

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