The IMS reporting module is designed to cater for the aggregation and delivery of a multitude of information contained within the IMS database. With innovative features such as Dashboarding which can be controlled at the individual user level to traditional statement production and a convenient delivery module, all aspects of the users experience have been considered.


An innovative component within IMS which allows the user to customize his/her view to display relevant information in an easy to read manner. This concept is delivered via IMS widgets, which are containers of information compiled by the system and served up to the user via a dashboard concept, thereby allowing the user to view and digest the information at first login into IMS. This experience is further refined by allowing the user to select and re-arrange their widget layout to suit their individual requirements. All of this is underpinned by a secure infrastructure and hierarchy which only allows access to data and widgets that a user is authorized to see.


The system can generate various periodic reporting statements, with monthly, quarterly or annual statement frequencies being the most popular. A more advanced feature contained within this component is the ability to perform ad-hoc plan/account valuations. The user simply chooses a start and end timeframe for the specific account/plan being reviewed and the system calculates and produces a custom statement for that specific time period, in real-time. These statements are saved as pdf documents on IMS and are available for download at any time by the plan/account holder.

Online Report Delivery

A pro-active service feature of IMS which is used to deliver reports to users. This component sends out notifications to alert users of new reports that are published and available. A secure link is contained within the notification which allows the user to click on it and brings them into IMS for authentication and access to the report. The real benefit to the user is the timely notification of the report data being available, while also ensuring strict security protocols are always followed. Product providers can also customize the branding, layout, user distribution and actual content of these notifications.

IMS System

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