The security of our clients’ data is paramount. That is why we clearly display the AICPA/SOC Seal of Approval on our website. The SOC (Service Organization Control®) 1 audit of our Service Centers enables us to demonstrate the effectiveness and robustness of our internal procedures and controls.

Our IT security strategy is built from the ground up to ensure a resilient, comprehensive, multi-layered data protection framework to safeguard all data. Compliance with best-in-class is standard across all of our networks, and maintained through regular testing and reviews; while our robust disaster recovery procedures, including off-site data hosting, add a further layer of security.

Our FTP servers are not publicly accessible and clustered firewalls control the source of each inbound and outbound transmission. SFTP and FTPs security protocols with 2 factor authentication using complex passwords are enforced over file communication and file transfer reports are automatically generated and reviewed by our Admin team. Further, FTP server logins are unique to each user and system service and any instance of a user lockout is thoroughly investigated to ensure it is genuine.

We also provide various email encryption and secure ad-hoc file delivery tools such as secure portal and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to meet the specific needs of each client. Hosting provider security policies and SLAs are continually reviewed. Background and character checks are carried out on staff at data centers and internal IT officials.