The IMS platform caters for a suite of various tools which can be deployed by product providers into the market as needed or required by their distributors and underlying product line. Our clients benefit from the single source data captured within IMS, thereby allowing for product level controls and data capture from these various tools. Product providers can determine which, if any of these tools they choose to customize for deployment within the system.


A feature rich component of IMS which allows for custom product calculations to be produced, stored and delivered via the system. These illustrations can be implemented on a back-tested basis, whereby the system calculates performance of the underlying investments and product features of the providers’ products or forward looking calculations taking into account specific rate of return scenarios. Because the illustration system is built within IMS, our clients benefit from the single source data capture and product rules being consistently applied throughout the process. If linked to other modules such as risk analysis and electronic application, the ability to cater for a straight through process for new business becomes feasible, all while ensuring the appropriate controls are in place throughout.


This component brings a nice to have feature to the client user experience, whereby a client can enter some simple inputs into the calculator engine and determine the amount and frequency of investment needed to achieve that specific goal. Versions of the calculator, whether for pension’s use or simply desired savings can be customized to fit with various products marketed by the provider. Customization can even take into account product fees and set inflation targets, thereby allowing a more realistic result for the client to achieve a specified dollar goal.

Marketing Materials and Forms Management

In building IMS for a multitude of stakeholders, we recognized the importance of organizing and conveying the right information about your products to distributors and even investors, in some cases. To aid with communication, IMS enables a marketing team to create custom pages and manage how the information is published. The pages use rich content, and can contain documents available for download, everything from marketing brochures to forms to even the use of videos can be achieved via this robust module. Advanced features within the tool can be enabled to tailor the content according to the distribution channel. Built-in auditing will help you know when pages are published and what changes have been made.

IMS System

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