Kane LPI uses a flexible, client-based, web-enabled administration system delivering end-to-end support across all forms of LPI-related products and fund structures.

A highly advanced, and continually evolving platform, our proprietary IMS system provides a robust framework for rapid product development, enhanced cost efficiency, and improved new-business cycle times. Delivered via single-instance technology, IMS provides the dual requirements of being highly customizable to cater for a broad range of products, while satisfying the most stringent security demands, including full audit trail capabilities.

Key features

Designed to provide a complete turn-key solution to support parameterized product design and development, IMS offers a multi-site, multi-company, multi-currency web-based system which spans all stages in the product lifecycle and all participants in the process.

IMS is highly adaptable, enabling full platform customization to meet specific and unique client requirements. The flexible, user-friendly system seamlessly manages a diverse range of customers, and is capable of launching multiple products across numerous territories, capitalizing on process efficiencies to ensure reduced speed to market.

Customer communication

Full front-end visibility improves the overall customer experience, and the system is also designed to operate as a complete customer communication and interaction facility. Further, to allow for a virtually unlimited range of user experiences, each client can set all data access permissions and the range of functionality at every level in the hierarchy, creating multiple user profiles.